Adventures in Homeschooling | Planning for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

We are departing for Asia-Pacific in two months, and I’m narrowing down what our Family Education Plan will be for the next 4 years (Aug 2015 – June 2019). Quite the process, but I’m excited to try what we’ve planned. Along with that I’m trying to pick and choose what and how much to bring along with us – we only get 6 free pieces of luggage total. So what will we be doing academically between now and when we return in 2019? A lot of it is familiar to me as I my mom used a lot of the curriculum below when homeschooling my sister and I. I think the curriculum plan I’ve put together is mostly a mix between Charlotte Mason, Classical, and Montessori styles of education. Here we go!


Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

For preschool (ages 3-4) I am basically following Charlotte Mason’s methodology so I’ll focus on teaching about God, developing good habits, lots of outdoor and nature activities, as well as reading “living” books. I’m also hoping involve Montessori activities to develop motor skills, play, and discovery – Pinterest is great for ideas!

The Well-Trained MindSimply Charlotte Mason, and Ambleside Online have been tremendously helpful in my planning. I’m bringing books recommended from those sources, as well as a few from Sonlight P3/4, Before Five in a Row, and My Father’s World.

For Bible we’ll be using The Big Picture Storybook Bible and Truth & Grace Memory Book 1, and accompanying with songs from Songs for Saplings: God and Creation and __. I’ve also purchased Rod & Staff’s preschool activity workbooks, this Patternables book to use with pattern blocks, Lauri’s shape and color sorter, foam magnet letters, and I am hoping to find a copy of Get Ready for the Code.

For our nature walks it’ll be handy to have a magnifying glass, bug box, bug net, and binoculars; though we will only be bringing a magnifying glass along with us.

Pre-Kindergarten/Junior Kindergarten:

Pre-K Homeschool Curriculum

This is pretty similar to what I have planned for preschool, by using living books recommended by Ambleside, Well-Trained Mind, and Simply Charlotte Mason, along with books recommended from Sonlight’s P4/5 and My Father’s World’s Pre-K. For Bible we’ll be using The Lamb and continuing through the Truth & Grace Memory Book 1.

I have ordered Rod & Staff’s ABC Series and My Father’s World’s activity cards to use along with beads and patterns, counting bears, foam alphabet puzzles and lacing shapes (from the dollar store).

Kindergarten/Senior Kindergarten:
I’m hoping to start integrating Peace Hill Press’s curriculum for kindergarten. I have a list of living books, along with some books recommended from Sonlight’s K, My Father’s World’s K, Veritas Press, and Five in a Row. While I haven’t decided whether to use Saxon Math K or Singapore’s Earlybird Math, I’m excited to use Explore the Code and Lollipop Logic. For fun we’ll supplement math with Cuisenaire rods and the Cusienaire Alphabet Book and Lauri’s pegs and pegboard set.

I think we will be using the Zaner-Bloser K for writing and The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading along with a list of easy readers and Bob Books. I haven’t ordered anything from Peace Hill Press yet, as I’m hoping someone will come to visit us in two years and be able to bring these items along with them.

For Bible we will be reading The Jesus Storybook Bible. I’m also hoping to collect some field guides for the region of the world we will be living in to use on our nature walks, and to supplement the science books that Peace Hill recommends. Oh, and these art cards.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.44.53 PM

Since the list was so long, I created a Google Document for it. You can access the list through this link.

Are you homeschooling or have plans to homeschool? Comment your education plan below! Have you used any of these books or curriculum? I’d love to hear about your experience, new ideas, and what you are doing, too!

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  1. M Bravo says:

    I am using MBtP, Life of Fred, ABeCeDarian, Handwriting without Tears (and keyboarding), and Positive Action for Christ as our Bible studies. We are almost through our first year and it really really works for us. I have looked into the ones listed here as well but we are stuck on MBtP!

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