How to Buy Homeschool Curriculum While Overseas

I’ve been in crazy homeschool planning mode for the past month! It was spurred on by an upcoming maternity home assignment, which is giving me an opportunity to bring back books! I’ve chosen a curriculum base that is very book heavy, and because of this my curriculum list was pretty long. As missionaries overseas, you can’t go out to a used book store or thrift store to search for homeschool books, or attend homeschool fairs to browse and buy. I’ve had to do all of my shopping via the internet, or through the help of friends and family who are keeping an eye out for books for me. I thought I’d note and share the sites I used and discounts I’ve found for missionaries who are living overseas and planning their homeschool curriculum!

Where to buy used books?

Since library book sales and used book stores aren’t available in my country (even if they were they aren’t in the language we’re choosing to homeschool in), I’ve scoured these sites in search of the most affordable used books for our curriculum:

  • *, many sellers offer free shipping
  •, even offers some global int’l shipping
  •, free shipping worldwide (though prices are pretty high, it’s better to buy from them through eBay)
  •, free delivery worldwide (through again prices are high, and end up being about the same as Amazon Global Shipping)
  • *, you can “Buy it Now”, “Make an Offer”, or try bidding and many sellers offer free shipping
  •, groups like these [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] or these [1], [2], [3] and pay with PayPal
  • Instagram, you can find a few decent used book sellers through searches
  •, free shipping for purchases over $10

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What curriculum discounts are there for missionaries?

Many homeschool curriculums are sold by Christian businesses and thus offer a discount to missionaries, though they may have a certain criteria where the missionary serves, their ministry, or statement of belief.

No discounts available at this time directly from: Veritas PressTeaching Textbooks.

Waiting to hear back from: A Beka Book – free shipping, Logos PressWell Trained MindSingapore Math, Classical Academic Press, and Five in a Row.

* My favorite sites to shop (for best deals!)

Do you know of any other curriculums that offer discounts? Or great places to buy used books? Please comment below and let us know!

How do I get my books and curriculum to my region of service?

  1. Have books shipped internationally, either directly from the seller or by friends or family
  2. Have books brought with visitors or missionaries returning from the States
  3. Plan ahead and bring back from home assignment.

413ZbMC-qfL._SY355_If bringing lots of books in your luggage, I recommend buying a Rubbermaid Rough Neck Tote  (18-gallon/60-litre), as it is strong, water-resistant, and lighter than most suitcases or Action Packers. We drilled holes in the tops of our lids and fastened the lids to the totes with zip-ties. We supply extra zip-ties for airport workers, and after all of our national and international flights, we’ve never had anything missing or broken in our Rubbermaids! They also have a lifetime warranty, though I haven’t checked if drilling holes voids that warranty.

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