Resting in the Hammock of God’s Sovereignty

The Lord is so abundantly good towards our family. He has brought us through so many hardships these past 6 years, and now we can always look back to when He has met our needs far beyond what we thought capable and how he has strengthened and comforted us through them all.

Because we know God’s character and faithfulness, when little things pop up in life, or begin to pile up, we don’t need to panic in worry or wonder how we will fix these issues or get them under our control. The Lord is sovereign and he knows every issue that will ever come up. He knew in advance about our housing mix-up, our residency status possibly being terminated, our lack of financial support, our visa application requiring a little extra more work, as well as whatever else awaits in our future.

Because of Christ’s work on our behalf, which delivered us from sin and made us alive in God, adopting us into God’s family, we can rest in the hammock of God’s sovereignty. Aren’t those good truths that we can meditate on? Aren’t those more worthy truths to think about instead of filling our minds worrying about what if’s or what aren’t?

Though I’m facing unknowns, today I choose to put on the mind of Christ and view my circumstance as God would have me. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to remind me of His truth this week!

Are there “issues” that have come up in your life this week that you need to trust God in? Are you resting in His sovereignty? Share in the comments below.

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