Word-Filled Women’s Ministry | Book Review

Word-Filled Women's Ministry

Back in March I attended a workshop and had the amazing opportunity to meet Kathleen Nielsen. Our church had used one of her Bible studies for their women’s ministry the past year, and I had learned so much from her about biblical exposition (and was thrilled when she told me her husband takes work trips to Asia-Pacific). I was really excited to be given a sample chapter to one of her new books, Word-Filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church edited by herself and Gloria Furman. I have pre-ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting to read the rest of the book and learn from these ladies who have such a heart to see women’s ministry be rooted in the Word of God.

“That’s how God’s word works. It accomplishes what he purposes. It succeeds in the thing for which he sends it. It calls people to life in Christ and then trains them, comprehensively, how to live in Christ.” —Kathleen Nielsen

In this chapter, Kathleen reminds us why the Word should be the center of women’s ministries, showing us in Scripture how God’s Word is speaking, it is powerful, is for everyone, is all about Jesus, is a matter of life and death, and is beautiful. I wish I could share all my favorite quotes with you all, but you should just order a copy of Word-Filled Women’s Ministries for yourself!

“We know that we must trust that by his Spirit, through his Word, God will accomplish his purposes without fail. Our trust must certainly be a respectful trust— like we have for a powerful weapon such as a sharp, two-edged sword that we’d better learn how to handle rightly. We have to learn how it works. For the Bible that means learning how it speaks—in whole books, from Genesis to Revelation, and in distinct genres, from narrative to poetry to prophecy to apocalyptic. The penetration of the Word surely happens most deeply when we allow it to speak in the form in which it has been given to us, rather than dicing it up and extracting segments or bending it to our own purposes. Not only from the pulpit but in every area of church life and ministry we can aim to let the Word have its full say as we listen fully, not neglecting any part of all the Spirit-inspired Scriptures.” —Kathleen Nielsen

I so appreciated how Kathleen values God’s Word and pointed us back to the big redemptive picture of the Bible, and how not only the Bible speaks of Christ but points us to him! As a church planter preparing to move to a remote location overseas, Word-Filled Women’s Ministry helped build my excitement to be a part of a global women’s ministry. Not only do I get to translate God’s Word into an unwritten language, but I also have the incredible privilege to disciple women and share with them a love for God and his Word that comes from studying it deeply. Reflecting on God and what he has done in Christ has also strengthened my fervour for developing the Genesis Bible study another woman from and I are developing for our church’s women’s ministry. I wish this book was available years ago, because I didn’t always have this urgent passion to disciple women, with not just a focus on women, but on feeding them the Word of God and teaching them how to study God’s Word for themselves.

“We Christians indeed have good news, urgent news, life-and-death news to receive and to offer through this Word, which has come down to us. If the Word is what it says it is, then as it rains into our lives we believers should surely be brimming with the urgency of hearing and sharing its merciful good news in these last days while the Lord may still be found.” —Kathleen Nielsen