Printables for Studying a Bible Passage

In this past year I had the awesome opportunity to help study for and develop part of a ladies’ Bible study curriculum for the book of Genesis. It was a lot of work, but studying through passages of Genesis every week was such a fruitful time. Digging deep into God’s Word helps us understand why the author wrote the passage, learn about the character of God, and see where Christ and the gospel is in the text. I wanted to put together a concise tool, in this case a print-out, to help myself and other women study passages of Scripture.

printable for studying a bible passage

Here are four PDFs available to download: the first one is “Observations“, the second is “Context“, and the third is “Application“. The fourth is for those who just want the questions, maybe because they would rather journal their findings. I hope that they will be a helpful resource to you as you study God’s Word. These print-outs aren’t exhaustive, but I hope they can help jump start your study! (Artwork is designed by Freepix)

If you have any questions about anything in the printables, please write them in the comments below. I would also love to hear if they have been helpful, or if there is something you think is missing that I should add.

12 Verses of Truth

When we were living in Canada, we were counselled and encouraged by an incredible missionary couple, Pete & Leah Humphreys. They spent 17 years church planting among a people group in the hot and dusty deserts of Paraguay. For the biblical counseling they provide, she created a book called the “Wall of Truth”. It is a spiral-bound book full of verses that tells Truth about who we are, who He is, what He does, why God is doing certain things, our response of thankfulness, and our response of forgiveness. It is such a great book, because it pages of Scripture. Leah encourages people to hang up Scripture on their walls to remind themselves of what is true of them and what is true of God.

I put together a few Bible verse cards with verses taken from her book to print and hang up around my office. You can download a PDF of the verses I made here, “Wall of Truth Cards“. This if my first PDF I’ve uploaded, so if there are issues or if you have ideas of how I can improve these, please let me know! (Artwork designed by Freepik).

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.26.34 AM

I highly recommend reading In-ka-hai: How Sweet It Is that tells the story of the challenges and joys that the Humphreys faced while working with a people group in Paraguay.