Y’all, I Can Drive a Motorcycle!

I didn’t think I would do it, but ever since my husband returned from Asia-Pacific and talked to women there they all said I need to learn how to drive a motorcycle ?

So I signed up for a course and paid the fee before I could chicken out. I never thought I would ever ride a donor-cycle, I mean, motorcycle. While some women would seize this opportunity, this was definitely something way out of my comfort zone.

I was so nervous and sick as I waited for the hours to pass before my first driving class started. It didn’t help that I had to drive through traffic and crazy roads/tunnels to Alameda, or that I got harassed by a guy after stopping at In’N’Out (oh yes, I rewarded myself with a hamburger), or that I got a flat tire when I safely arrived back home.

I prayed a lot more that day than I had all week. I really wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, but the pressure of having to take a driving test to pass the course really got to me! I was struggling with anxiety and fear, hence all the praying.

The next class I finally sat on the bike (for the first time ever), walked it around, learned where all the important parts were and how to drive in straight lines, corner, make hard stops, weave, etc. By the end of the class I was enjoying it! I was actually looking forward to the next class so I could ride again. And the last day of class when we all took our skills test, I made one of top scores in the entire class! Is that crazy or what? I took my certificate to the DMV, passed the written test, and now I’m the owner of a California M license!

Now I can practice and look forward to riding in Asia-Pacific. Please keep me in your prayers 😉